Monday, October 3, 2011

WOW, is this kid spoiled or what...or is it just me?

Well Sir, over my 67 years I've seen my share of spoiled children, but I believe this takes the cake! Read on and y'all will find out just what the hell a Bantam rooster has to do with a spoiled child.

Cookie lives in a middle class neighborhood, nuthin special, just a nice place to live. On one side of me there is a summer camp owned by a doctor, and a little further down the road resides a professional couple who have a young son about 8 or 9 years old.

Now Sir, both the parents of this child are professional folks with the mother being either a Psychologist or a Psychiatrist, I've never been sure which. Both parents are pleasant to talk with even though they tend to lean somewhat to the "Left" when it comes to political matters, no surprise there.

Over the years as the child has grown up, their yard (a rather large yard) has been completely just chock full of just about every toy known to mankind (some are very expensive), prompting one neighbor to make the remark that "this child has more toys than all my children and grand children put together." Not one neighbor I've ever spoken to has ever seen this child playing with all those many toys.

A few years back he wanted a dog. They got him a dog. We've never seen him playing or walking with it, and when it gets loose and wanders the neighborhood, its the mother or father that go looking for it.

In their yard the father has built the lad a tree house, or should I say a tree "mansion". This thing is damned large as tree houses go and even has a balcony and glassed in windows. No one in the area has ever seen the child playing in or around it. Recently the father began building another large building in the yard which he stated was a "playhouse" for his son. Geesh...give me a break will ya, the kid don't even play with what he's already got! Several neighbors have begun calling this kid "The Prince of blankety-blank road".

I could continue with much more but I think y'all got the picture by now. Now Sir, about a month ago or so I was sit'n on my porch have'n a "cup a joe" and watch'n the sunrise when I heard a sound I haven't heard in many, many a year. A Rooster was crow'n!!!

As a lad, I worked on a large farm frum about age 10 till I was about 15 or 16, and I know the sound of a "Banty" rooster when I hears it. I looked at my wife who'd also heard it and I said, "That's a Banty Rooster. What the hell is a banty rooster doin in this here residential area?"

My first thought was that it had escaped from some nearby farm, after all, this is an "Agriculturally" zoned County we live in. A while later, my wife took a walk up the street to investigate and when she returned informed that the rooster was penned up at "The Prince's" house with two hens. She had spoken with the childs mother and learned the following.

The mother had stated that "The Prince" didn't want anymore eggs from the local stores and that he wanted "Fresh eggs", so, they got him the Rooster and chickens!!!

Well Sir, I recall when I was younger, many parents were following the advice in a book written by one Dr. Spock which basically stated, "give the child whatever he wants." Over the years, both as a cop and a professional Counselor, I dealt with many "adults" who were raised under this philosophy, and for the most part they didn't turn out well, and many experienced severe coping problems when dealing with real life.

I and my wife managed to raise 4 kids on a cops salary. On birthdays and Christmas we managed to give them something they truly wanted but we weren't opulent. We managed to keep good food on the table and nice vacations to different places, but there came times when we had to say no to them. From what Cookie has observed here, I don't think "the Prince" knows the meaning of that word.

Now Sir, is it just me or do I see a child who at some time in the future is going to experience a very rude awakening in life when the realities of life finally set in and someone finally says NO to this kid. From all we've witnessed over the years it would appear that "The Prince" gets just about everything his little heart desires.

BTW, as near as anyone around here can tell, it ain't "The Prince" that cleans up the chicken shit. Its his folks.

Now Sir, when I was grow'n up we were almost always "in the want" fer sumthin or another. Mom & Dad were very hard wurk'n folks who did their best to raise two sons and give us what they could, but I quickly learned that I couldn't have everything I wanted. I'm still pissed off about the Pony I never got!

What'cha all think, is it just me or is this child head'd fer problems a little further down the road? I'd be interested in yur thoughts???

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Mohawk Chieftain said...

Anybody knows that one does not need a rooster for eggs. The hens lay 'em all by themselves, with no help from the rooster, unless people want chickies inside those eggs. Send 'em an anonymous note. Don't you people have laws in New Yawk State?

dk grant said...

Trouble is on the horizon.

Subvet said...

You're right on the money, my oldest son is a case in point.

I recall visiting him as his mother and I were splitting. It was lunchtime and "Brian" was asked, "Do you want tuna fish or peanut butter & jelly?"

Brian answered tuna, the ex started putting it together. Halfway through assembling it our four year old turns around and informs her he's changed his mind. Now he wants PB & J.

I think my jaw bounced twice before I just shut my mouth and watched the show as she trashed some perfectly good food (a pet peeve of mine, I didn't grow up rich) and started over from scratch.

FWIW, I tried to steer him right during my times with him. But noncustodial parents work under a handicap, especially when the little darling would refuse to have anything to do with me if I criticized him too harshly (the poor dear).

Brian dropped out of high school after repeating the 12th grade (he refused to do homework) and now works as a janitor in a local middle school. He has zippo to do with me, in part because of my "harsh attitudes". He also still lives with "Mom". At 28 yrs. of age he just spins his wheels, getting nowhere fast. No ambition, no future prospects, no feeling accountable for anything he does. To be blunt, he's as useless as tits on a teddy bear.

So thats how your neighbor's kid is likely to wind up. But you already knew that I'll bet.

Sorry for the overly long comment, you probably can guess this topic is one I readily identify with.

Mohawk Chieftain said...

COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO! and a good morning to you, Cookie!

Cookie..... said...

Yur absolutely correct Chief, but you see, these two folks are very well educated College folks, so they wouldn't know that! And the same backatcha Chief.

I kinda gathered that "SubVet". I'll bet there be a few other folks out there read'n this that are have similar experiences.

sig94 said...

Cookie - do the kid a favor. Kick his ass. And if the parents sqawk, kick their asses too. That's such good advice, I think I'll kick my own ass.